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Free Motion Monday – Beads

(Late post…in Arizona, USA it is still Monday evening!)

I am working on a new quilt pattern that I am called “Beaded Curtain.”  I doodled some designs and settled on this:

imageIt stitched up quickly and adds wonderful texture to the quilt.  I used a light pink which stands out on darker colors and blends nicely with both the pinks and creams that I used in the quilt.

This Beads design is created by stitching a straight line with free motion circles at somewhat regular intervals. I crossed the circles to continue quilting in a straight line as shown below:


(You could easily change this to a spiral design instead of basic circles)

The one problem I had was connecting my vertical lines as I advanced the quilt on my longarm and stitched a second row of beads.


The horizontal line shows where I ended one section when I ran out of throat space on the machine.  I’m sure anyone watching would have chuckled at my contortions as I was bending over to try to see where I was stitching.  The lines were directly behind my needle as I stitched away from my body!

Here is another look at the texture.


I’d love to see your version if you use this design. #freemotionbeadquilting #truebluequilts

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  1. What a great design this is…you could use it as you ditch stitch as a different look in a small quilt…terrific!

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