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3-D Sewing

I always feel so accomplished when I am doing some 3-D sewing, but it is not my favorite! I don’t mind the fiddly nature of paper piecing, so that is not really the issue with projects like bags and stuffed animals. I think it boils down to the amount of time it takes to get to a recognizable item. When you are making a quilt, you have small units that come together in blocks, which doesn’t take very long.  With a 3-D object like a tote bag, you have the base, and sides and pockets that may be quilted and bound, but they still look like a square of fabric.  It can be a long process to reach your finished product.

3-D Sewing Project

Luckily, I am working with fabulous supplies from Island Batik and By Annie for the October “It’s in the Bag” challenge. I chose fabrics from the Simply Southwest collection. The cactus print is so much fun!!

3-D sewing supplies

First, I had to quilt the three panels that will make up the majority of my tote. Then I constructed the straps, which means sewing a tube and doing the safety-pin trick to turn it right-side out.

Simply Southwest fabric from Island Batik

Funny how the chore of pulling the strapping through the fabric tube transported me back to my childhood. I have fond memories of the times my mom would let me help her on a sewing project by pushing that safety pin, attached to elastic, through a waistband to finish a garment.

 More 3-D items

The Island Batik Ambassador program has really pushed my boundaries.  I installed my first zipper when I made a boxy tote, then my first bag was this backpack.

my first zipper project    Switchback September Bag challenge

I have to say, the By Annie patterns are amazing, and easy to follow, even for a confident beginner. They include video tutorials so if you are stuck on a step and need to watch someone, you can. The best part is the fabric tags! You get a whole sheet of tags that are used to label each component which is very useful for a intricate project like a totebag with multiple pockets.

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I am working a little bit each day on my new bag. Crossing my fingers for a finish next week! What have you been up to? Please share with us.

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