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A Quilter’s Dinner

Imagine the perfect day spent in your quilting studio…until you emerge to hangry teens and spouses waiting for their evening meal! Here are my suggestions for a quilter’s dinner to give you the best of both worlds – quality time during the day to play with fabric plus cozy meals to satisfy the family.

Slow Cooker Suggestions

First is actually my go-to contribution for any pot luck buffet. Who doesn’t like meatballs? Grab a bag of frozen Italian Meatballs and a jar of spaghetti sauce. Give yourself 3-4 hours so that the meatballs get warm all the way through. Choose a traditional meal and serve over noodles, or simply set out some hoagie rolls for a meatball sub sandwich.

meatballs in a slow cooker

Next, get a little spicy with pulled pork. Here in the Southwestern US, we call it Carnitas, but usually that involves an extra step of searing the meat after it is cooked. I want to get to the good stuff so I typically skip that step! If you want to dump-and-go, put a pork loin in the slow cooker, add some basic spices such as garlic and onion, throw in a can or two of green chiles and you are good to go. Serve with tortilla chips along with a garnish of sour cream and cheese.

pulled pork in a slow cooker

An essential tool for making a quilter’s dinner is a slow cooker. Shop now with my affiliate link:

Make-Ahead Meals

I love casseroles! If you spend a day making several variations, you can freeze them to cook later. Yay for more sewing time!  Lasagna is my number one all-time favorite meal. I have no problem eating lasagna for every meal until I have devoured the whole pan by myself.


I wish I could claim a family recipe, handed down through generations, but my mom’s version came straight from Betty Crocker.

Another easy and popular choice in my hosue is Tater Tot Casserole. Brown the round beef with onions for the base layer. Add a package of frozen peans and carrots, plus corn or any other vegetable that you like. Add frozen tater tots, or your preferred variation of shredded potatoes, as the topping. Cook time is about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Please search online for specific details. My favorite site is Allrecipes.com.

tater tots

Are you hungry yet? Leave a comment with your favorite recipe. Bonus points for slow cooker and Instant Pot options!!

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  1. Hi Andy, now that I’m retired (for all of 2 weeks!) I’ve been cooking a lot more – it’s nice to have home cooked meals and trying new recipes. Last night I cooked a rump roast that I found at the bottom of the freezer – it’s one of our favourite comfort foods and is just potatoes, carrots with the roast in the slow cooker, covered with onion soup mix. It makes a perfect roast with left overs that can be used in many ways because I usually shred the rest of the roast. Take care.

  2. Those recipes all sound so tempting! My pulled pork is similar; a pork loin in the crock pot, onions, garlic, some crushed peppers, and a cup of root beer.

  3. OH thanks for the wonderful recipe ideas. Love them but that Carnitas one sounds so delicious, something I’ve not heard of. I love All Recipes too and I was pleased and surprised they knew about a traditional meal we make in my home province of Newfoundland called Jiggs Dinner. So they really know their stuff! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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