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Choosing a Favorite Quilt

How do you choose your favorite quilt? Is it because of the careful selection of beautiful fabrics or is it just the special person or occasion that you made the quilt for? I have several favorites. It’s so hard to choose just one! So I’m going to share my top five favorite quilts with you today. Let’s take a look.

Want to take a closer look at these quilts? Watch this video!

Favorite Quilt Collaboration

My quilt Directions is on my list of favorites because it was such a fun collaboration with my mom.  My mom and I have designed many quilts together. We have coauthored two books, and this is our latest endeavor. She had the inspiration for the overall look – the feathers, the arrow blocks and the graphic elements. And the color scheme!  I played around for a while in my EQ design software, and we bounced ideas back and forth. It was such fun shopping for the fabric together! The two-tone background makes a visual impact, having the light center portion with some dark accents and border elements.

Andi with Directions BOM


Mom did all the piecing on the sample and then handed it over to me for some free motion quilting. And boy, did I have fun with that part as well! I went a little crazy with a tiny angular meander fill. And then I did some shadow quilting.  Shadow quilting is when I take the main element of the block and then repeat it in the negative space. (I share more examples in this blog post.)  You can find shadow quilting in the Arrowhead blocks for the center, and the arrows and some of the chevrons in the borders as well. I just marked the quilt and did some ruler work there to get the same feel in the negative space that you have in the actual pieced elements of the quilt.

Favorite Book

teal universe favorite quilt

This quilt is teal universe, and it is one of my all time favorites because we chose this quilt as the cover of the first book I published. This is one of the few quilts that I’ve made multiple times because I have so many ideas for different color schemes! I remember exactly where I was when I designed this quilt, laying it all out on graph paper and pixelating it with the little squares, figuring out all the calculations for what size strips we should use. And it was just so much fun to see my vision come to life.

Favorite Fabric

lasagna favorite quilt

This is another of my top five favorite quilts. This one is called Lasagna, and you can see why with the layers created by the strips of fabric. Lasagna was my very first completed quilt when my mom opened her fabric store and I bought my own machine to start this whole quilting journey. So this quilt definitely has a sentimental place in my heart.  I followed a beginner pattern to put these strips together. It was a few years before the jelly roll craze hit and people started making that kind of strip quilt. It’s actually a double-sided quilt.  I initially found this animal print for background then I had so much fun finding all these fun coordinating prints that went along with it.

One of my long-term quilting mentors did the quilting on this and it is so spectacular. There are some nice wavy lines in the center to played off the idea of lasagna and those wavy noodles. Then she did some fabulous custom quilting in the borders and drew little animals in there. It’s just fabulous. This quilt is always going to have a special place in my heart as being my first quilt!

Favorite Star Quilt

big_n_bright sample

Here is Big -n- Bright. I will treasure this quilt for being the first design that I published in a magazine. Find the full  story here.  This is such a fun design to put together. I’ve actually made it several other times just because I want to play with different colors of stars. And I wanted to make a smaller version, so I used this pattern for one of my Island Batik Ambassador challenges – read about that adventure here.

Favorite Memory

butterflies favorite quilt

The final quilt on my list of favorites is this one that actually started me on the quilting journey. My mother made this quilt for me in 1977.  Ever since then, it has been the one thing to grab in case of a fire! Definitely a family heirloom. I adore this quilt so much! It went to college with me and it just it’s so glorious in all of its 1970-harvest- gold splendor. I mean, look at these colors! Such a labor of love. All of this hand applique, all these little details of the different color stitching, with flowers and butterflies quilted in the background, in addition to the actual applique.

hand stitching on butterflies quilt

Creating new favorites

We have so many fun memories stitched into our quilts. I love looking back on the quilts I have made and remembering all the circumstances surrounding their creation. Then, my hands start itching to sew and my mind is racing with new ideas! So, let’s have fun making NEW favorites. Want to join me in a quilt-along? Choose from My Favorite Stars or Meteor and watch for the start dates in July and August 2021.

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