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Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt project

Celebrate the season with a Christmas jelly roll quilt. Jelly rolls are my favorite size pre-cut for a quick quilting project, and there are great patterns that feature 2.5″ strips.

This lovely quilt just needs a binding!  So many motivational phrases come to mind…git ‘er done, or Just Do It.  Maybe in 2016?!?

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Cozy Quilt jelly roll pattern
Christmas Quilt from Jelly Roll strips

The pattern was a  strip club pattern from Cozy Quilt Shop.  I think I made this in 2007??  Yikes, I *really* need to tackle those UFOs! The “Strip Club” at my local quilt shop was a monthly gathering where we would try a new pattern one month and have show-and-tell the next month.  Having that community of quilters to share with and be inspired is the best part of this craft!

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Christmas Quilt Free Motion Quilting Designs

This quilt has open space to show off free motion quilting designs, but the darker fabrics might hide detailed images.  I decided on swirls in the cream border, holly with berries in the striped section, and a tree/feather in the cream triangles. I used three different colors of thread, but the designs would be just as beautiful in one color. Consider the time it would take to change thread and the impact of a contrasting thread color on your fabrics.

Christmas Quilt detail
Christmas designs for free motion quilting

More free motion quilting designs can be found in my Free Motion Monday series.

Christmas quilts are in season all year round.  In fact, summertime may be the best time to work on a holiday quilt without the pressure of other deadlines.  Jelly rolls save you the time of cutting so you will have a finished quilt top even sooner.  This would be a great pattern for a spring picnic quilt in thirties fabrics or a patriotic theme to honor a military veteran. Whatever your favorite colors, I hope you Enjoy, Experiment and Excel as you quilt!


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  1. Hi,

    Love the Chrismas quilt on your webpage. (Christmas Quilt from Jelly Roll Strips). Went to Cozy Quilts to try and find the pattern but no luck. Was wondering if the pattern was still available anywhere? Am new to quilting, but it looked like something i could do


    1. Holiday Cheer from Cozy Quilts is similar to the one I made. All of their jelly roll patterns are great quilts for beginners. I am happy to consult via email or even a video chat in an emergency!

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