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When people have collections of a certain item, it makes gift-buying so much easier!  Currently, my daughter likes frogs and octopi so I am on the lookout for some stocking stuffers to add to her collection. Personally, I am happy to welcome new additions to my collections of batiks and fat quarters.

get organized by color

And if you need justification for your stash, I love this saying – “I am not hoarding. I am the curator of an extensive textile exhibit.”

Holiday Decor

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My plans to get the house decorated for Christmas are on hold. Hubby made the wise decision to postpone hanging outside lights until after our roof repairs are complete, and I was busy with other errands this weekend so I did not start on inside decor either.

Every year, I look forward to bringing out my collection of Santas. I have several from Jim Shore Designs, and a special favorite is one I bought in Scotland.

santa and quilt blocks

My Favorite Animal

Another item I collect is giraffe figurines. As a kid, I wanted to have a different answer for the question, “What is your favorite animal?” So, I decided giraffes were the embodiment of my desire to be unique! I have many types of figurines in my collection – wooden, brass, ceramic, and of course fabric.

that special fabric gift

Since my mother’s favorite is a rabbit, I am able to find special gifts for her as well. I loved the Thicket collection from Moda several years ago, and I made her this wall hanging.

thicket bunny quiltWhat items do you collect?

Put Your Foot Down Linky Party

TBQ Linky Party

Here is the weekly invitation to share your collections and quilting updates! I love the diversity of the quilting community and it is a treat to see what you have been working on. Thanks for being here!

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  1. Hi Andy, it’s great to have a collection and I’m sure that your Santa collection brings back all kinds of memories of where they come from. I used to collect postcards when I was younger – they are in boxes now but every once in a while I go back to them. They are also great inspiration for some of my quilting. Have a great week.

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