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Epic Project – 92 Stars

I love to make meaningful quilts…choosing a block pattern that represents a significant event and selecting special colors that invoke certain memories.

My 25th college reunion is on the horizon, which calls for a commemorative quilt.  I graduated from the US Air Force Academy, where each class is assigned a color.  Lucky me, my class is True Blue 92 so I get to play with my favorite color!

I decided to make 92 star blocks for my college quilt.  I wanted a manageable size block, so I pored over the selections at Quilter’s Cache, a fabulous archive of patterns.  I decided on 9-inch blocks, since a 10×10 layout would be a 100″ square quilt.  92 does NOT play nicely for a quilt layout, LOL.   I thought about making 88 stars, which turned into 44 pairs, leaving 4 corner blocks of one design.  That could work as an 10×11 layout.blue plan

This is my current plan.  I am still making 88 9-inch stars, but instead of the 4 corner blocks, I will make 4 small stars and pair them with some signature blocks in the middle which will say “USAFA – Class of 1992.”

star quilt blocks
True Blue star quilt blocks

I have been working on blocks occasionally.  Here my current progress:

Definitely a long way to go!  I’m glad I have another year and a half to work on this!  I am trying to use different blues in every block.  I need to mix in more with dark backgrounds.

planning list of quilt blocks
notes for True Blue Stars quilt

Here is my list of blocks, again many thanks to Marcia at Quilter’s Cache for her wonderful patterns!

And the two blocks I finished this week, Sharon’s Star:

I am using #TrueBlue92 #starblocks #scrappyquilting when I share finishes on Instagram.  Take a look!

This epic project in my favorite color helps me Enjoy, Experiment and Excel as I quilt.  What are you working on today?

Happy Quilting from Andi

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