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Free Motion Monday – Arizona’s Flag

Making a postage stamp quilt, with thousands of tiny pieces, was on my bucket list when buzz started about Arizona’s Centennial anniversary of statehood celebration.

imageThe resulting quilt had 2,012 pieces in honor of our state birthday in 2012.  I will tell the whole story in a future post, but today I want to share some of the free motion quilting designs.

Radiating Star quilting

The star is the focal point.  I used a satin stitch to outline the gold star before I layered my quilt with batting and backing.  The free motion quilting within the star began with a spiral and transitioned to flames-like petals reaching into each arm of the star.

Feathers and Flames

I alternated designs in the read and yellow stripes of the Arizona Flag, and kept them symmetrical.  Starting in the center, the red areas were stitched with echoed flames, curly-q meander, a traditional feather ending in the corner, and a landscape stitch.

The yellow sections were stitched with echoed flames, loopy meander and worms.

I used one of the state’s commemorative fabrics on the back, which is a busy print that hides the free motion quilting.  You can see some detail in the plain green border on the back of the quilt.

TIP – Matching threads do not show the quilting details as much so think about the visibility as you debate an intricate design.

My Arizona Flag quilt was on display during the Centennial celebration.  Learn more here.

Quilts are often inspired by significant events. How is history shaping your quilting?

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