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Free Motion Monday – Words on Quilts

Last week, I shared some of the filler designs on my Arizona Flag quilt.

imageSince I was inspired to make this quilt for Arizona’s statehood centennial, I wanted to include some of my state’s history.  Schoolchildren in Arizona learn the 5 C’s that were key to local industry: cotton, copper, climate, citrus and cattle so I quilted those terms right into the quilt in the lower blue portion.

image (Shown from the back to enhance visibility)

I used the letters E and M as a filler design.  Three bumps up, then 3 bumps sideways and you can stitch quickly across your quilt.


I also stitched “Arizona 1912 – 2012” centered below the star.  Unfortunately, this did not stand out very clearly.  Perhaps I should try adding crystals to the surface to emphasize that detail!


As a final touch, I quilted the names of all Arizona’s governors in the border of the quilt.  I marked a writing line in chalk, then just wrote carefully in cursive as if I were holding a pencil.


Have you written on any quilts?

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