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Free Motion Quilting – Practice Sketches

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Muscle memory is important for any repetitive task, and free motion quilting certainly qualifies! If you don’t want to spend the time and money creating practice quilting sandwiches out of muslin and batting, then grab some paper and doodle away!

Lori at The Inbox Jaunt has some great doodle exercises and free motion quilting tutorials.

Creating a Zentangle is another way to get into the creative sketching groove and play with designs that can translate into thread and fabric.

sketchbook tools

I bought a 5×7 artist’s sketchbook and some fine-point Sharpie markers to start my mornings with a daily sketch. (Check out my Instagram feed @truebluequilts for #dailysketchbook)  Some days I am in the mood for feathers and sometimes I divide the page to practice different fillers.

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Dividing the page into different widths can help you plan border designs.

sketchbook quilting designs

Or work with circles.

sketchbook free motion quilting

Mandalas are another technique that can expand your creativity as you design a new element for each layer of the image.

Once you have a design on paper, it is time to see how it looks on fabric.  Some people recommend charity quilts or baby quilts as practice pieces, since the recipients are more forgiving.  (This is no excuse for sloppy work!  The comparison is giving a quilt to a non-judgmental child versus submitting your work to a show to compete for an award.)

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Sketching gets the creative juices flowing and it helps cement a certain design into your memory.  Free motion quilting can start on paper!

Grab a pen and share your artistry with us by using #truebluequiltsketches on social media.


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