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Free Motion Quilting: Spiral Variations

Spirals are one of the basic shapes that become the foundation of many free motion quilting designs.  Traveling in to a center and back out again becomes hypnotic.  But there are some quilts that beg for a more angular design.  I decided to play a bit in a quilt that features large snowball blocks.

Pattern: Blue River from Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety

free motion quilting spirals

I divided the snowball quilt block into nine sections and used my new design, Polygon Spiral, in the four corner triangles and the outer squares.  In the center of the block, I stitched a design I refer to as the Corner-to-Middle Star.

Free Motion Quilting: Polygon Spiral

As I surfed the internet last week, I saw a sketch of an angular spiral.  I played a bit in my sketchbook, forming increasingly smaller squares within squares.

potential free motion quilting spiral

Although my sketches have slightly curved lines, I found it helpful to use a ruler when I stitched the spiral on fabric. I aimed for a point about one quarter inch from the corner so that each side of the square (or triangle) became smaller as I continued stitching toward the center.  The sides of the polygons gave me a clear path to travel-stitch to another section of the quilt.

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Polygon Spirals Step by Step

You can start your polygon spiral with any shape.  Your next round of stitches will not be exactly parallel.  Remember to aim for about 1/4″ toward the center on each side to be consistent.

free motion quilting spiral tutorial

Starting with a large space gives you plenty of room to practice.  Having more sections within your shape gives the illusion of curves and a eye-catching texture to your quilt.

These polygon spirals would look pretty cool in a border.  Variegated thread would add even more dimension to the design.  Is there a place for polygon spirals in your next quilt?  Please send a photo for the gallery.  We love show-and-tell!

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