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Furry Friends

How many of you have furry friends that like to hang out in your sewing space? I share my living space with three feline companions, but they are (mostly) banished from my quilting room…I don’t want excess cat hair on my fabric!

One of my Furry Friends

Since I am in the boring middle stages of several projects, I will entertain you with cute pictures of our youngster, BB. We brought a new kitten home in January 2022, and she is definitely photogenic!

BB comes home

We have a tall cat stand with several cubby holes and platforms. BB will sleep in one of the caves, and she is so adorable with her paws next to her face!

BB looks like a model

Of course, she gets in the way of any work that needs to be done. What is it with cats and keyboards?!?

furry friends love computers

The beaded decorations on Dad’s walking stick sure look interesting. Everything is a toy for this gal.

cat playing with walking stick

Animal Fabric

Since this is a quilting site after all, let’s talk about fabric. I was shopping recently with a non-quilting friend of mine and she commented that there seemed to be more cat fabric and patterns than dogs. Would you agree?

My theory is that dog lovers want to see their specific breed, while cats are more generic. I know, there are many special breeds of cats, but other than colors, most domestic short hair breeds do look the same.

Have you made any quilts that feature animals or animal-print fabric? I love my Delightful Desert (pattern by Elizabeth Hartman).

Elizabeth Hartman pattern

Visit the Fat Quarter Shop for more of Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns. (This is an affiliate link. I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase.)

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TBQ Linky Party

Time for the weekly Put Your Foot Down linky party! This is where you share your current blog post and we can all be inspired by your creative endeavors. Bonus points this week if you share pictures of your furry friends!

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  1. Hi Andi, I’ve made quite a few foundation paper pieced minis using Made by Marney patterns. I also made a dog quilt for one of my babies. It’s true that there are more cat fabrics and dog fabrics. Often they have generic images like doggie paws or treats. You could be right about the breed issue. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for the linking party!

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