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Gemini – Little Bit Different June 2024

The latest addition to the Little Bit Different collection is the modern Gemini quilt block. For this four-patch block, I decided to play with simple units of triangles and rectangles. Since there are two main shapes, referencing the twins of Gemini seemed like a perfect name.

Gemini quilt block

Gemini construction

Downlod the Gemini quilt block here. It’s free for the month of June 2024!

If you have made any of the blocks in the Little Bit Different collection, you know that they incorporate half-rectangle triangle units (HRTs). When you divide a 6″ x 9″ rectangle into equal parts, you end up with smaller rectangles! One of the essential characteristics of rectangles is their 180-degree symmetry – you cannot rotate them as easily as a square. This feature means you have to plan ahead if you want those diagonal lines to zigzag in opposite directions!

I refer to the two orientations of HRTs as uphill and downhill, which you can see in this photo:

quilt units showing uphill and downhill seams

Keep the rectangle standing tall (short edge on the bottom) and follow the line from left to right. The yellow triangle above is a downhill unit and the green triangle on the right is an uphill unit.

Another aspect of the Gemini block is the accent rectangle in the other half of the four patch. Just like the HRTs have two different orientations, your accent unit needs to have the long rectangle positioned on the correct side of the accent fabric. Pay close attention to the diagrams so that you avoid a date with Jack (the seam ripper).

Gemini quilt block units

Once you have the four units ready, your Gemini block will come to life!

Gemini Quilt Block in Action

Here you can see the difference between using uphill HRTs and downhill versions. I can’t wait to see your blocks! Please email me photos or tag @truebluequilts on social media.

two Gemini quilt blocks

And if you need a glimpse at what a full quilt might look like, here is a mock-up that I designed with EQ8.

Download the Gemini block instructions here.

patriotic gemini quilt

I love how easy it is to play with colors and layouts on the computer with EQ software. Never tried to design a quilt digitally? Here is a video tutorial that shows my process.

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