improv curves little bit different BOM
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Improv Curves

We can all get into the back-to-school mindset and learn something new this month. For the Little Bit Different BOM, we are making Improv Curves. All the instructions are here in this blog post, so you don’t need to download anything this time around. If you’re new to the 2023 Block fo the Month, find all the patterns here.

improv curves little bit different BOM

Fabric Pull

I chose a light, medium and dark for my improv curves. These were pulled from my bin of Island Batik fabrics. See some of my Ambassador projects on my YouTube channel.

Island Batik fabrics

This is your quilt, so you make the rules! Improvisation means you can make different choices at every step. I am merely providing some guidelines along the way. For instance, I am sewing two curves and using three fabrics to make three blocks. You might choose to work with one curve and two fabrics to make two blocks, and that is totally fine.

Cut and Shuffle

Start with fabric pieces that are around 8″ by 11″. This gives you plenty of room for the seam allowances and for trimming at the end.  You could make a paper template as a cutting guide, but I embraced the freestyle aspects of the improv experience and simply cut random gentle curves. One important tip is to make sure yourcurves start and end at least one inch away from the corners.

cut improv curves little bit different bom

The next step is to shuffle your fabrics. Move the top fabric from the center section to the bottom of the stack. In one of the corners, move the bottom fabric to the top of the stack. At this point, you should see different fabrics in each section of the block.

Sew the Improv Curves

Different quilters will tell you different methods for sewing curves. Some people use glue in place of pins and others recommend cutting notches in the seams when sewing curves. I have found success by pinning at the center and the two ends of the curved seam, then gently easing the fabric around the curve as I sew. Remember, this is improvisation and the blocks are not intended to be perfectly symmetrical.

sew improv curves

Once you have sewed the curves and pressed the block flat, you are ready to trim to our final size of 6 1/2″ x 9 1/2″. Use the Little Bit Different Ruler to quickly get your blocks the right size!

trim curves with Little Bit Different Ruler

Finished Blocks

You will soon have a set of two or three Improv Curve Blocks.

three improv curves for Little Bit Different BOM

Save one for the final Little Bit Different BOM quilt, and make a few more to put into the Twist Quilt. You can purchase the Twist digital pattern for 50% off during the month of September 2023.

Twist quilt twin size

Since our rectangular blocks do not rotate as easily as square blocks, you need to cut in two different directions to create a full circle. I am excited to try a quilt like that next!

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