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What’s your least favorite color?

I like all colors, so I’m finding it difficult to respond to a suggested prompt of “least favorite colors.” There are some colors that I am less likely to work with, such as brown and orange. A better explanation would be that there are styles or types of fabrics I avoid.

avoiding it
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Never have I ever…

Never is a strong word, just like the word hate. I don’t hate any particular color of fabric. Some people might say they hate orange, but I have made at least two orange quilts… one for a friend and one for the Monochromatic book.

Years ago I took a quilt design class from Weeks Ringle. She had us make a small patchwork piece of fabric we loved and another with fabric we hated. It was an interesting lesson that caused me to evaluate the fabric that I avoid. 

fabric I avoid
Older fabrics that I now avoid

I prefer bright jewel tones over the muted shades in 1800’s reproduction fabrics. As a result, I shop in the batik section of the store more than in the Civil War aisles. But even so, I might find a plum or indigo fabric that calls to me.

fabrics I love
Brighter fabrics make my heart sing!

Want to build your color confidence? Check out my tips in this post.

Our quilting style evolves

Every quilter can point to some fabric in their stash that now makes them say, “What was I thinking?” 

I love fun novelty prints with all the superheroes and favorite cartoon characters. But, I do not sew much for kids. Superheroes don’t look as good when they are chopped up into small bits for complex quilt blocks. So, I leave those multi-color prints for the border or the back of a quilt where they can shine. Busy prints are probably the one type of fabric I avoid. Then, I look for fabrics that read as one color so that my piecing and quilting are the focal point.

Rainbow love

I don’t have a least favorite color, because I know every color is necessary in our big, beautiful, diverse world. As the saying goes, “All God’s children got a place in the choir.” We just need to find the right place for them to sing.

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