july lime green quilt blocks
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Lime Green Quilt Blocks

Midsummer here, halfway through the year. Let’s refresh and reset with some lime green quilt blocks! Lime green is the color for July’s installment of the 2021 Monthly Color Challenge. You can find all the program details at Patterns By Jen – she has designed 12 wonderful blocks and lined up some amazing prize packages.

2021 Monthly Color Challenge Logolime green quilt block

Lime Green Quilt Blocks

This month we are starting small.  Yes, those squares are LESS THAN AN INCH. Quilters can be crazy! My tip for you is to read through the whole pattern, and make sure you understand the units you are making and how they go together.

tiny green squares

I took a quick glance at the diagram and thought, oh I know how the signature blocks will turn out. And this is what happened. I put the small corners with the large squares.  oops!  A quick session with my seam ripper had me back on track, doing things the right way.

check for size

Want to peek at the tools I keep in my sewing room? Check out this blog post for a behind-the-scenes look.

Directional Fabric

Have you ever worked with stripes? They can get a bit crazy as you can see from one of my blocks. I was not consistent with which direction the stripes lay so you may get dizzy if you stare too long. In the other block, I was careful to keep the fabric oriented the same way for every unit, so the overall effect is a little calmer.

small lime green quilt blocks

Again, but larger

The Monthly Color Challenge offers you a choice in block size – 12″ or 6″. Being a Libra, I have to try both options! Luckily, I have a full bin of green fabrics so it was a pleasure to dive in and find another color combination for the larger lime green quilt block.

large lime green quilt block

You could win some fabric!

I’d really like to reduce my stash, so I am offering the remnants of these green fabrics to a lucky blog reader! Please comment below with the percentage of green in your stash. For me, I’d say green is around 10 percent, with patriotics (red, white and blue) making up the largest amount in my fabric bins.  Contest is open from July 1 -20, 2021.

july fabric prize

Lime Green Summer Drinks

I loooove a good margarita! I learned this quick and easy recipe decades ago…the only trick now is finding the Limeade. The small frozen cans might be a specialty item, although a google search says Safeway carries them.

frozen drink with lime
photo by Hilary Halliwell, frm pexels.com

Ingredients: small can frozen Limeade concentrate, same amount light beer, same amount tequila

Mix all ingredients in a blender with ice cubes. Serve and enjoy!  Don’t forget to assign a designated driver 😉

More Green Goodness

Please visit the other Monthly Color Challenge bloggers. They have beautiful quilt blocks ready to inspire your creations.

Jen at Patterns by Jen
Kate at KatieMaeQuilts
Brenda at Songbird Designs
Lisa at Love to Color My World
Raylee at Sunflower Stitcheries
Crystal at Daybrook Designs
Patti at Patti’s Patchwork
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More Prizes!

Jen has arranged for a terrific selection of quarterly prizes. Please thank our sponsors for their generosity. Be sure to enter the monthly round ups on Jen’s blog for your chance to win.

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  1. Thanks for the invite to win some of your stash. I would say green in my stash is about 5%. Could use some additions. Thanks ps your green stash is quite lovely.

  2. I only have green in batiks, only one of which is close to lime green. I would guess they are about 5% of my stash.

  3. Green and blues are my favorites, so most percent of these than all the other colors. less of red, orange, yellow, purple, pink.
    Very most would be background colors of White, cream and black.

  4. I have a really small amount of “stash” fabric. I have started picking up some “scrap” fabric from my church’s quilt group but I don’t have much in greens. I would have to say less than 5%. Lots of what I have picked up is more novelty prints with lots of colors!

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