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Managing Your Unfinished Projects

I am not a conspiracy theorist but UFOs (Un Finished Objects) and WIPs (Works In Progress) have a way of multiplying. Therefore, it is critical to develop a system for managing unfinished projects. We all want the thrill of completing a quilt so this management system is about finishing projects, not just finding room to store them all.

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First, get organized.

Heading into a new year is a good time to take stock and make a list of all the projects you have in the works. 

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The Quilters Planner goes beyond calendar pages and includes resources for organizing your quilts projects through all stages of completion. Whether you track every step or just make a list of UFOs, it is helpful to know where you stand.  In the interest of transparency, at last count I had close to 50 projects in various stages. Yikes, I think I need to find a UFO support group!

Make It a Game

If you need some external motivation to finish those lingering projects, plan some rewards. Prizes can be as simple as starting something new, or more extravagant such as a shopping spree at your local quilt shop.  I was in an online group for several years and we would send each other fat quarters of fabric for completing a UFO within a specified time period. Hmmm, maybe we could have a UFO accountability group on facebook? Let me know if that is something you would participate in.

managing unfinished projects

Take a chance when deciding which project to work on. Assign a number to each UFO on your list, then roll the dice or have a random drawing.  Another fun method for managing unfinished projects is to choose a color for each month of the year, then work on projects that feature those colors.

Managing Unfinished Projects by Letting Go

It is perfectly acceptable to channel Disney’s Elsa and Let it Go. Sometimes, there are too many problems with a project to move forward. Keep what you can, especially in terms of fabric…maybe those blocks can become a backing for another quilt, or it can be completely ripped apart and the scraps used in a totally new way.  If you need to get rid of the project, consider donating to a group in your local area.. Some guilds and charity groups might take the project as-is for their members to work on. 

How many projects are you taking into the new year? What is your strategy for managing unfinished projects? Let’s help each other get things done!

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