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My Favorite Color

When I want to make a quilt, for myself or for someone else, I gravitate to my favorite color. If there is a choice, I always choose blue. I even took a teaching job because the school colors were blue and white!

Blue River

My first book of quilt patterns explored color families. Find signed copies of Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety in the shop.  The very first project in the book is called Blue River.

monochromatic blue free motion quiltingI love the ombre look of taking a color from very light to almost black. The large blocks in the quilt provide space for some fun free motion quilting motifs, which I detail in this blog post.

Winter Blues

The Two by Two pattern is featured in my second book, AnglePlay® the Easy Way. At first, samples were made in multi-colored versions.

my favorite colorOf course, when I made one for myself, I dove into the wintery shades, mixing sky blue with a brighter tone and even bringing some teal into the color palette.

Winter Blues two by two

Playing with your favorite color

While it can be a creative stretch to limit your quilt design to one color family, most quilters like to mix and match. Two color quilts make a dramatic statement when a color is paired with white. The American Folk Art Museum presented an exhibit in 2011 exploring red and white quilts.

If you are searching for a broader selection than just one or two colors, look at different combinations on the color wheel. High contrast is found by looking across the wheel for opposites such as the traditional red and green or blue and orange. If you select colors near each other, you are building a harmonious analogous palette.

Rainbow is truly my favorite color

Although blue is always my first choice,  I truly love to quilt with a wide range of colors.  I carefully selected light to dark shades to make a rainbow quilt.rainbow is my favorite color

I love scrappy quilts, but I tend to keep colors together as I did with Boxy Stars (pattern by Bonnie Hunter).

rainbow quilt


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