my first zipper project
[ Island Batik Ambassadors 2021 ]

My First Zipper!

The April challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors was self-directed, so I chose to learn a new skill. I made a boxy pouch and sewed my first zipper! Gold star for me! Let’s take a look at what this project entailed.

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All Up to You Island Batik Challenge

Since we could use any fabric that was included in our first shipment, I chose to work with the Mystery Collection – designed by Claudia Pfeil of Claudia Pfeil Designs. It has gorgeous shades of blue, green and purple. 

Island Batik mystery

My friend Donna, of, just happened to be having a class featuring her Blossom Box Pouch, so I knew I would be in good hands as I attempted my first zipper project.

Preparing the quilted fabric

First, I used my Accuquilt Go! to cut 2-1/2″ strips.

Accuquilt cuts Island Batik Mystery collection

Then I pieced smaller units so that I had a wide variety of colors and prints in my bag.

Strips from Island Batik "Mystery" fabric

For the quilting step, I switched to a Schmetz 90/40 Quilting needle and Aurifil 40-weight thread.

Quilting supplies - needle, thread and fabric

Straight line quilting was a fast and easy option for this project. Here you see my quilting lines on the solid fabric, which becomes the lining of my bag.

striaght line quilting

Sewing my first zipper

Then, I followed the pattern to cut my quilted piece into the correct shape.

Cutting the Blossom Box Bag

Time for my first zipper – this was the scary part. I had heard many people complain about sewing with zippers so I avoided it forever.

Shop for zippers here.

zipper prep

But, there was really nothing to worry about. I used a zipper foot on my machine and sewed the zipper to the edge of the bag using a zig-zag stitch. I did not have the right sides facing, so you do see a raw edge on the finished bag. Lesson learned for next time!

sewing my first zipper

The next step was to sew the ends closed, which felt like magical origami.

finishing the Blossom Box Bag


Now I have a cute little pouch, and I conquered my fear to sew my first zipper.

my first zipper project

What should I make next?!?  Tell me all about your experiences with zippers! I am excited to make all sorts of bags now that I have this new sewing skill.

Thank you to Island Batik, Accuquilt, Schmetz, Aurifil and Hobbs Batting for providing the materials to make this project.

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