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New Adventure

Do you have a quilting BFF who inspires you to try new adventures? I am blessed to collaborate with Tori from The Quilt Patch by Tori  as we launch a podcast called Quilting on the Side. Podcasts are a way to listen in on a conversation and gain terrific insgihts along the way. Since I don’t watch television or movies as I sew, podcasts provide that background entertainment for my quilting studio.

Quilting on the Side Podcast co-hosts

Why podcasting?

Back in 2020, I met Tori in a business-building class and was in awe of her ability to take action on what we were learning. She had a brand new course up and running in just eight weeks! We continued to keep in touch over the years and in January of this year, she hosted a business goal setting session for alumni of our original class. Tori has a great process for developing an action plan to achieve your goals! During that session, I casually mentioned that I was considering a podcast for quilters who wanted to turn their passion into a business. I thought the name “Quilting on the Side” fit that audience of people who were not yet retired and who might find encouragement from hearing how Tori and I have tried alot of different ideas to bring our love of quilting to the world.

And, who doesn’t love to talk about quilting, right?!?

A few months later, Tori said she was intrigued by the idea of co-hosting a podcast, and we began to flesh out the details of our new adventure.

Learning Curves

So much goes into launching a podcast! I turned to Pat Flynn, who I have followed for a long time as an online business coach. He has a course called Power up Podcasting and we learned the basics of show structure and promotion there.

Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay
Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay

Tori and I brainstormed business topics to discuss on our show. We knew we also wanted to interview other quilting entrepreneurs so we have reached out to our community. I think you will enjoying hearing from the guests we have lined up for season one. Feel free to suggest people that you would like to learn more about!

Andi and Mom with book

One fun thing that Tori and I have in common is quilting with our moms. In fact, my mother suggested monochromatic quilts as the topic of a book. You can find it here.

New Adventures

While I do hope you listen to my new podcast, Quilting on the Side, I am curious to hear what podcasts you already enjoy! Please leave a comment below and tell me which podcasts you subscribe to. Are they quilting related or do they cover a wider range of topics?

And since I can’t leave without sharing a quilt pattern, check out this great one from my friend Carolina! I think the headphones fit nicely with our podcast theme for today.

headphones quilt block from carolina moore



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