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Noble Stars Quilt Pattern

Happy Flag Day for our friends in the USA! It’s the perfect time to reveal my latest quilt pattern – Noble Stars.

noble stars quilt

I made this quilt for my friend, Marilee. She recently opened a quilt shop, The Patriotic Pincushion. To celebrate her new adventure, I thought she needed an exclusive pattern. So, Noble Stars was born. We both love classic quilt blocks and an All-American color palette.

As for the name, it’s actually a play on words. Her last name translates to “Noble” and she used that as an online alias. In my mind, she will always be Marilee Noble!

Want to hear more about Marilee’s quilting journey? She was the first guest in my “Chat with Friends” video series that you can watch here:

As soon as we decided on the stars-and-stripes theme for Noble Stars, I put a few layouts together in EQ8. After several text messages back and forth, the final design was approved and Marilee gave me some American Made solids to make the sample.

Making Star Blocks

I started with the middle and worked my way out.

noble stars beginningThe Sawtooth Star and Friendship Stars came together quickly.

Next was sewing the outer rows with LeMoyne Stars and striped blocks. My initial thought was to sew red and white stripes, but using squares of striped fabric was a much better choice!

noble stars progress
I sewed the corner stars using half-square triangles. If you’d like to see a demonstration, watch the Lazy LeMoyne video on my YouTube channel.

The AccuQuilt Go! Qubes can help you make these blocks quickly and easily. Shop now with this affiliate link. Remember, I may earn a small comission if you purchase from my link.

Noble Stars Pattern

Marilee now has the original Noble Stars quilt hanging in her shop. Visit The Patriotic Pincushion online – it’s the ONLY place to get a copy of this pattern!

noble stars with marilee

Are you looking for other patriotic quilt patterns? You might like Terrific Twirls or Big-n-Bright. These quilt designs are sure to bring a smile with any colors you choose.

Patriotic quilts

So tell me, are you making red-white-and-blue quilts or working with a different color scheme?

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