March 2022 Pink Peppercorn blocks
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Pink Peppercorns {2022 Monthly Color Challenge}

Welcome to the 2022 SPICY Monthly Color Challenge. In March, we are exploring Pink Peppercorns. Find all the details and pattern instructions on Jen’s website.

2022 Monthly Color Challenge Spicy
Variety is the Spice of L:ife!

Pink Peppercorn Quilt Blocks

When you are working with scraps, the challenge is finding pieces large enough in the colors you need. I ran short of the light pink for my 12″ block, so it ended up with three colors, while the smaller block has two fabrics.

Pink Peppercorn fabrics
Dark and Light pink fabric for 6″ block

Once the fabric selections are made, it’s time to sew! Chain piecing speeds up the process. The instructions generally say to draw a daigonal line on one square when you add corner triangles, but I don’t play by the rules, LOL.

quarter inch guide line
quarter inch guide line

I took a permanent marker and drew some guidelines on my sewing machine. The center line is the needle position and I added another line 1/4″ away so I can position my fabrics without other marks. To learn more about this strategy, read this blog post: No Markings – Know Your Sewing Machine.

March 2022 Pink Peppercorn blocks
March 2022 Pink Peppercorn blocks

Isn’t it fun to see the signature blocks come together to form an infinity symbol? You could also think of them as Eights or chain links. They could even be eyes if you played with the colors a bit more! What comes to mind when you see this block?

Spice it up with Peppercorns!

Food is fascinating. This ecxcerpt from a Cooking Light article highlights the history of peppercorns:

“Having pepper signaled riches and power; it was status. Pharaoh Ramses II was mummified with peppercorns in his nose. For the Goths to lift their siege, Romans paid a ransom that included 3,000 pounds of pepper. In the 1400s, Columbus sailed westward from Spain looking for gold and pepper but returned from the Americas with chiles, suggesting that their spicy heat was a great sub for that of pricey peppercorns. As chiles spread, the similarity stuck. People began using “pepper” to mean both peppercorns and chiles, though they’re not botanical kin.”

I love the flavor of peppered steak and shrimp. Time to fire up the grill!

More pink quilts

Thanks to the historical pairing of the color pink with girls, I followed suit when a friend asked for a baby shower gift. The beautiful owl print was sourced from Spoonflower, and I paired it with several pink and white prints from local shops.


Owl-themed Baby Quilt from True Blue Quilts
Owl-themed Baby Quilt from True Blue Quilts

Find more color inspiration in the pattern book: Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety.

Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety by Andi Stanfield and Mary McElvain
Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety book

Signed copies available in my shop.

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