quiltcon 2022 desert quilter bag
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Memories of QuiltCon 2022

This new project bag is my tangible reminder of QuiltCon 2022. It captured our desert lifestyle perfectly.

quiltcon 2022 desert quilter bag

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It’s been a few months, but I do want to document my memories of QuiltCon 2022.  Since the event was being held right in my own backyard, I jumped at the chance to host a booth with my friend Tori, from The Quilt Patch by Tori. We hosted daily giveaways and it was so nice to have the shop Sew Easy Sewing from Sierra Vista, Arizona provide the fabric for those drawings.

On with the Show

Everyone comes to see the amazing display of quilts. These were just a few of my favorites.

Blooming Saguaro quilt
Blooming Saguaro quilt, made by the Las Vegas MQG

Cactus are everywhere in the deserts around Phoenix, and this quilted version was stunning. I really loved the color block background that was used used on this quilt.

Kintsugi X quilt
Kintsugi X (Scattered): Burgoyne Surrounded quilt made by Alexis Deise

Burgoyne Surrounded is a pattern that I want to make! This version was spectacular. The quilter used those little flecks of gold to give such an interesting look to this quilt.

Falling Stars quilt
Falling Stars quilt made by Tighe Flanagan

I am a huge, huge fan of deconstructed blocks, and I love how the little pieces all fall together in such a beautiful star pattern on this quilt.

Vote quilt
VOTE quilt made by Janine Holzman

Initially, I was drawn to this quilt just because it was a kind of improv variation of the U.S. flag. Then I took a picture, looked at my camera, and I saw the word vote in the blue space. What an amazing optical illusion! I was trying not to get in the way of other people looking at all the quilts, so I didn’t linger, but I read the description and there’s another word to vote in the red stripes as well. So I’m kind of sorry I missed that, but this was a really fun quilt.

More of my favorite quilts

White History quilt
White History quilt made by Karen Maple

You will see a lot of statement quilts at QuiltCon! Modern quilters are not shy about putting their opinions and activist philosophy on display. This quilt stopped me in my tracks. I was struck by the truth of this – as a history teacher, I always tried to emphasize to my students that we are seeing the winner’s perspective. Itt’s really time to acknowledge the contributions of everyone in this great nation and in our wonderfully diverse world.

Make Something quiltMake Something quilt
Make Something quilt made by Clara Stoikow

This quilt delighted me when I walked around the corner and saw it.  The quilter really captures the essence of quilting. We are makers and we can take all sorts of scraps and make something beautiful. A fun detail of this quilt was that below those yellow words are an additional phrase –  “…from nothing”. So we are making something from nothing. And I just thought that was a wonderful sentiment to share.

All the fun people

Another fun part of quilt shows is people-watching. Since I was a vendor, I had to stay near my booth, but that gave me front row seats for some great moments. You should have heard the buzz in the convention center when Jenny Doan was walking the floor! She was so gracious to stop and chat and take pictures with all her fans.

Jenny Doan at QuiltCon 2022
Jenny Doan at QuiltCon 2022

Quilted jackets were very popular this year. Lots and lots of people had wonderful quilted coats on because you know, convention centers can get pretty chilly.  I loved the neutral squares on this one with that pop of lime green, just a really cool look.

Quilted jacket sample

And this quilter went all out with her colorful patchwork skirt, the patches on her jacket, coordinating face mask, and even the spools of thread on her tote bag straps. An A+ for this quilter!

Quilted clothes on display at QuiltCon 2022

Beautiful quilts, fun times with friends and inspiration around every corner are what you can expect at QuiltCon. Drop a note in the comments below and let me know – what is your favorite part of attending a quilt show? I’d love to hear from you.

Planning has already begun for QuiltCon 2023. I hope to see you in Atlanta next year!

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