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How often do you watch quilting videos?  In my daily scroll through Facebook, I love to see new free motion quilting designs. I get inspiration from the generous quilting community and I like to share my designs as well.

Favorite Quilting Videos

One of my favorite sources for free motion quilting tutorials is APQS. I was able to watch one of their quilting videos and try a new design on my very next project!

free motion quilting by true blue quilts

Another popular quilting teacher is Angela Walters. You can find her quilting videos on YouTube, Facebook and Craftsy.  I learned alot from her books, especially Shape by Shape (order from my affiliate link and I earn a small commission).

Shape by Shape Angela Walters

I continue to be inspired by Leah Day’s free motion quilting. I shared my love of her style in this blog post. Here is just one quilt that incorporates her designs:

quilting inspired by Leah Day

Quilting Videos from True Blue Quilts

A few months ago, a customer brought me a simple quilt with rows of triangles in various sizes.  I challenged myself to quilt a different design in each row.  I managed to come up with over twenty different filler designs for that one quilt and I share them here:

Preparing quilting videos can be a time-consuming process, but modern technology means that I can film with my smartphone and edit from my laptop.  Many videos are slide presentations with narration, which can easily show close up shots of the quilting and explain the process to viewers.   Facebook Live is another great way to share video content. I hope you follow my page, True Blue Quilts, so you don’t miss my quilting tips and stitch stories.

Sketch before you stitch

I am a firm believer that sketching free motion quilting designs on paper leads to better execute when you sit down at the machine. Many of the pictures I share of quilting designs are whiteboard drawings.  For years I have kept a small whiteboard and dry erase markers in my sewing room, and I will sketch several ideas when I load a new quilt on the longarm. Sketching helps build muscle memory and also helps me remember my quilting plan as I work on a big project.

free motion quilting various designs

Now, grab a pencil or marker, sketch a design then try it with thread on fabric!  And please share your thoughts about quilting videos…how often do you watch other quilters work?  Do you follow quilters on YouTube or Facebook?

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