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Reflections of 2019- looking behind, looking ahead

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Good intentions, weak actions. Seems like the story of my life to start strong and fall by the wayside. I made a good effort at blogging daily for three weeks, but the end of December got extremely busy! Now it’s time for a Reflections of 2019 summary post. I want to thank Cheryl Sloboda/Muppin.com for hosting the 2019 Blogging Challenge. Her challenge provided me the structure I needed to revitalize my blog. You will definitely find new content on a regular basis in 2020 here at True Blue Quilts.

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Looking Back at 2019

This year was rough. I have been on a roller coaster for about 5 years trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Quilting is my passion and I want to make it a viable business. It is a struggle to balance that entrepreneurial spirit with the demands of family. So, I will continue to experiment and find a way forward that helps to create a happy life.

One major accomplishment in 2019 was launching my YouTube channel! My first video premiered in April, and I committed to publishing weekly videos focused on quilting tutorials.

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I’d love to have you join the conversation by subscribing to my channel and tuning in to each episode.

Another big milestone was the debut of the Twist-n-Sew collection. These quilt patterns feature the Twister® ruler in some fun ways. You can find all the projects in my shop.

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Reflections of my year online

December brings a flurry of round-ups as we look back over the year. Instagram has a couple of popular tools to summarize the yearly highlights.

Based on the number of likes for my images, these are the Top Nine of 2019:

2019 top nine projects

Most of these photos came from the January Quilter’s Planner challenge. I love to join in those group events, but I was saddened that none of my more recent projects got noticed. Social media can be very fickle so this is a gentle reminder to myself not to base my self-worth on the bits and bytes of the internet!

A year of color

My Year of Color image was a delightful treat. I love the layout of large and small dots, and I had fun remembering the projects that incorporated all these shades.  Although, I do wish I had more blue and a broader spectrum of colors. That is my goal for 2020!

IG color analysis

Looking ahead

After a stroll down memory lane, it is time to turn our attention to the year ahead. In a previous post (that you can find here), I declared my desire to start piecing the Spectacular Savannah quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. I am going to choose fabric so I can begin on January 1st. The giraffe will be first since that is my favorite animal.

quilt patterns

What was your best moment of 2019? What are you looking forward to in 2020?

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