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Sewing and Quilting Machines – Blog Challenge Day 3

Quilting involves many contrasts – dark and light fabric or straight lines and curves. My sewing and quilting machines illustrate the contrast of big and small. As you discovered during my sewing room tour, I have both a domestic sewing machine and a longarm.

TBQ sewing machines

Machines can multiply, much like a fabric stash. Some quilters collect machines, like the classic Singer Featherweight. Others have a dedicated machine for embroidery.  And it is always nice to have a backup to take to class or to use if you have a <gasp> breakdown.

sewing and quilting machines

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My Sewing (and Quilting) Machines

I have sewn forever on my Janome Gem Gold. It is a lightweight machine with a basic selection of stitches. Since I focus on traditional quilts, with the occasional paper pieced block, I am happy with a few straight stitches and some zig-zag options.

When I was ready to dive into longarm quilting, I did some research. Your best option is to try out a machine with a vendor at  a quilt show. Nothing beats getting that hands-on experience! Ultimately, I chose the Gammill Classic Plus because several people in my local guild had the same machine and they mentored me as I got started. 

Decorate your Sewing Space

After you set up your sewing machine, you might want to accessorize. A mat underneath the machine is helpful, both to protect the table and to keep all your tools organized. Here is a fun pattern to make your own.

 If you are curious about the tools I keep near my machine, watch this video

sewing tool guide

I even have a free guide for Essential Quilting Tools. Download the guide here.

Protect your sewing and quilting machines

I live in the desert southwest of the United States and dust is always a problem. Protect your machine with a cover. The cover can simply showcase your favorite fabric, or it can incorporate an orphan block. Try one of these patterns

unfinished quilts

Although I must admit my longarm is usually protected by the pile of quilt tops waiting to be finished… but you will have to come back in a few days when we discuss how to conquer those UFOs.

For now, inquiring minds want to know. How big is YOUR sewing machine collection?

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