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Sewing Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old;

One is silver and the other, gold!

~ song I learned as a Girl Scout

vintage art sewing bee

Sewing Friends

Who are your sewing and quilting friends? We find many like-minded people at a guild meeting, and these gatherings can blossom into close relationships.

I found my monthly quilting group on Facebook! Several of us chatted in a local interest page and decided to meet in real life. It has become a lively group that meets at a local fabric shop one Saturday each month. We held one retreat last winter, and we are hoping to find more occasions to travel and quilt together.

sewing friends on retreat

The online space has introduced me to quilters around the world. Follow me on Instagram and get to know some new people!

Meet Jennifer

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer and I’m the owner of Slightly Biased Quilts, established in 2020. I used to have a bias tape Etsy shop, but recently started designing quilt patterns, which can be found in my pattern shop

slightly biased quilts at the machine

I’ve been quilting since 2009, but I started sewing as a kid with my mom, making simple things like pajama shorts and pillow covers. 

I also learned how to cross-stitch at a young age, a hobby that I still very much enjoy.

slightly biased quilts cross stitch

When we were all home during the beginning of the pandemic, I remembered a quilt I made that friends had suggested that I turn into a pattern. I finally sat down and wrote the pattern, and Slightly Biased Quilts was born!

slightly biased quilts first pattern

Today I have an online shop with a bunch of patterns, trips to quilt shows, and paper patterns in local quilt shops!

slightly biased quilts on display

I put a lot of effort into making my patterns easy for beginners, but also interesting for more advanced quilters. I hope you find them as fun as I do!

jennifer of slightly biased quilts

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