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Sewing Room Tour – 2019 Blogging Challenge

Where do you create your quilted masterpieces? Let me take you on a sewing room tour. My time and attention is divided between piecing quilts in my sewing room and free motion quilting on my longarm.

Sewing Room Tour

My sewing room is a mess so I will just share strategic photos. I don’t want to trigger anyone’s OCD. Believe me, I could appear on an episode of Hoarders – yikes!

sewing room tour

We will start the sewing room tour at my machine. I have a desk and dresser combo that gives me a nice little corner to create. An old kitchen table sits behind the machine and this serves as my cutting table.  Another old table is set up for my pressing station. Attaching a piece of batting to the wall with push pins is a cheap and easy way to DIY a design wall.  

Organizing fabric is a work in progress. I have many bins to keep things separated by size and color.tbq scraps get organized

These are stored under the cutting and pressing table because they need to be contained yet accessible. More details about fabric storage are in this blog post.

The longarm lives in the loft

Thanks to a very understanding husband, I took over the loft area to set up my longarm. I order batting by the roll and store that in a corner of the room. In a situation similar to the shoemaker’s barefoot children, my own quilt tops are stored in yet another bin waiting for their turn on the machine.

longarm sewing room tour

Everyone understands a fabric stash, but that rises to a new level when you become a longarm quilter. I now have a modest thread stash as well as a stack of stencils, templates and special rulers for free motion quilting.

thread sewing room tour

Quilt Storage

Quilts are like potato chips, it’s hard to stop at one. When you have covered every bed and all family members have been gift recipients, you must look for extra space. For instance, I had a television cabinet in my first apartment that has since become a storage space for quilts.

I like to fold my quilts at an odd angle, then roll them to reduce permanent creases. Here are some instructions


Thanks for coming along on my sewing room tour! Do you have a dedicated quilting area in your home?

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