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Special Quilt Rulers – do I really need that?

When it comes to quilting tools, there is something for every need. You can find many options to help you cut flying geese or log cabin blocks, as well as triangles of every shape and size.  How many special quilt rulers does one person need?

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When you walk into a quilt store you can generally find an aisle or a whole wall covered in rulers. Tiny ones, big ones, long ones, fat ones, in so many different shapes. One online shop offers 716 items in their ruler section!

special quilt rulers
Just a few rulers available from Checker Distributors

Use Special Quilt Rulers to Improve Accuracy

First, having a ruler or template guides us to cut the precise size and shape we want to appear in our quilt. When we are working with basic squares, we can use a simple grid ruler to measure a 3 inch square. But if we want a tall skinny triangle, it will be much easier to use a longer 30-degree triangle template or ruler than to figure out those measurements on a rectangular ruler. So these specialty rulers can ensure we are making accurate cuts to get the exact shape we want in the quilt block.

I enjoy making quilts with half-rectangle triangles.  AnglePlay® templates are the special quilt rulers that help me piece accurate blocks in a variety of sizes.

sparkle pattern angleplay quilt
Sparkle Quilt Pattern available in the shop

Use Special Quilt Rulers to Save Time

Have you ever heard the saying time is money? If you are going to spend hours making a quilt, it makes sense to invest a little money up front to make your life easier. Special quilt rulers save time because you can grab and go. If you were trying to figure out which line to use on the standard ruler, or how to angle the ruler on your fabric it would take extra time and probably get frustrating for a lot of us. With a specialty ruler, all those calculations are done for you. Place the ruler on the fabric and you are good to go. We can quickly get to the fun part – the stitching!

Pinwheels are one of my favorite traditional quilt blocks. The Twister rulers take that design to another level by tessallating the shape across your quilt.  I played with Twister blocks to make the quilts you see in the Twist-n-Sew collection.

Special Quilt Rulers help you enjoy, experiment and excel!

I understand the desire to simplify and be frugal – the cost of quilting supplies adds up fast and we don’t want a bunch of tools just gathering dust on a shelf! So take the time to research the templates and rulers you want to invest in. Are there mltliple projects you can make with one tool? Do you have quilting friends that enjoy the same method and might be willing to share the cost of the ruler? If so, the purchase decision is a definite yes.

Specialty rulers and templates help us save time in the cutting process and they improve the accuracy of our piecing. What are your favorite special quilt rulers and tools? Let me know in the comments.

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