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Free Motion Monday – Sometimes, simple is best

Quilting involves a lot of decisions, from fabrics to pattern choices, and finally the quilting design.  If you are sending your top to someone else for the quilting, you should have a discussion about the type of design you want.  A simple quilting design may be more appropriate than heirloom quilt...

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Free Motion Monday – Words on Quilts

Last week, I shared some of the filler designs on my Arizona Flag quilt.

Since I was inspired to make this quilt for Arizona's statehood centennial, I wanted to include some of my state's history.  Schoolchildren in Arizona learn the 5 C's that were key to local industry: cotton, copper, climate,...

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Free Motion Monday – Arizona’s Flag

Making a postage stamp quilt, with thousands of tiny pieces, was on my bucket list when buzz started about Arizona's Centennial anniversary of statehood celebration.

The resulting quilt had 2,012 pieces in honor of our state birthday in 2012.  I will tell the whole story in a future post, but tod...

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Free Motion Monday – Pinwheel fillers

Disclaimer...this post contains affiliate links.

Rainbows and Quilts just go together!  Many years ago, I was in an online fabric swap and each person was assigned a color.  The swap host collected everything and then sent out this beautiful collection of rainbow shades.  The fabric was cut in ch...

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Free Motion Monday – From sketchbook to finished quilt

Last week I shared the plan for several border designs.  I finished the quilt and I'd like to explain the designs in more detail.

The quilt is for a school raffle and each child made a hand and footprint angel.  Simple echoes around each angel let their artwork shine.
Woodgrain stitching
I filled...

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