[ Quilting Tips ]

But I don’t have time to quilt! 4 ways to find more quilting time

How do you find quilting time? A common stereotype of a quilter is the retired grandmother who spends all day cutting up fabric and sewing adorable quilts for her multitude of grandchildren. The reality is quilters come in all sizes and shapes, but many of us have full-time day jobs so you won’t fin...

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[ Jelly Roll Quilts ]

Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt project

Celebrate the season with a Christmas jelly roll quilt. Jelly rolls are my favorite size pre-cut for a quick quilting project, and there are great patterns that feature 2.5" strips.

This lovely quilt just needs a binding!  So many motivational phrases come to mind...git 'er done, or Just Do It.  ...

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