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Free Motion Midweek- More from Blue River

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Let's look at a few more designs from the open spaces on my Blue River quilt:

 (pattern available in Monochromatic Quilts:Amazing Variety)

I used center-fill designs inspired by Leah Day's Free ...

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Free Motion Monday (Mid-week) – In the water

(OOPS... just noticed I didn't hit publish, sorry!)
In my quilt Blue River, I used several water-themed free motion quilting designs in the open blocks.

In fact I even quilted some fish!

I started on the right edge and stitched the first fish, echoed around in a couple times, then traveled to ...

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Free Motion Monday -Flame Variations

Let's take a look at the quilting designs I used on my quilt "Blue River."

This is the first quilt in the book I co-authored, titled "Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety."  As the name implies, I was inspired by water, so the rail fence blocks have parallel wavy lines to represent the movem...

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Free Motion Monday – Filler Designs for a Jewel Box Quilt

I have a customer quilt loaded on my longarm.  It is a Jewel Box pattern done in beautiful batiks.

I chose a design for each space in the quilt...the central squares, the colorful chain and the background area.  The chains are filled with the coffee bean design while I stitched a single curved fe...

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Free Motion Monday – My “graffiti” style

There is a style of free motion quilting where you move from design to design as the spirit leads you.  Karlee Porter published a book called "Graffiti Quilting" that explains this style.

Sariditty calls it "sketchbook" quilting and QuiltingJetGirl refers to "flow" quilting. Whatever you call...

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