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That special fabric – how will you use it?

When I am in a fabric store, I feel like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka’s factory, tempted by everything I see.  Since I have accumulated quite a stash over fifteen years of quilting, I try to limit purchases to fabric that will be used in a project immediately. But every so often, a quilter finds that special fabric that begs to be petted, fondled and put on display in the sewing room for a while before transforming into a finished object.

Souvenir Fabric

Sometimes fabric is purchased to commemorate a place or event. In 2014 I traveled to Hungary and visited the small town of Papa. My friend took my to the local fabric shop, which was a small space overflowing with every type of fabric you could possibly want…quilting cottons, linen, satin, corduroy and upholstery. Bolts upon bolts from floor to ceiling. I was in awe but managed to selected two prints.

that special fabric souvenir

It is still waiting to be used. I want to make quilt blocks that incorporate sunflowers, which were blooming everywhere since we visited in the summer.

Hungary trip
Cruising Lake Balaton

Make sure your friends and family know you are a quilter, and they can pick up special gifts for you when they travel. My mother brought back this panel when she toured Paducah. It has all my favorite elements: giraffes, blue and batiks.  As soon as I can design a border, this will become a wall hanging.

that special fabric gift

Read more about a favorite blue quilt in this blog post.

Gifts for quilters

Once the word is out that you are a quilter, you may receive bundles of fabric as a gift.  Be sure to drop plenty of hints about your favorite designers so you can squeal with genuine delight. If you happen to get something you are not in love with, remember that it can be cut into very small pieces or used as a bag lining or a backing.

For my birthday last year, I got this wonderful bundle of neutral fat quarters. I love a good mix of low volume prints for scrappy backgrounds.

birthday gift fabric

Are you saving a special piece of fabric? Put it in a quilt so it can be displayed and enjoyed and not stuffed in a closet for someday.

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