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Traveling Puzzle – New Quilt Design

Time to mix and match!  AccuQuilt offers great variety in quilt design when you combine different dies. My latest design for the Island Batik Ambassador program is the Traveling Puzzle quilt.  I used both the 8-inch Qube and the Arkansas Traveler Block On Board from AccuQuilt. 

Traveling Puzzle quilt with AccuQuilt dies

The Qubes are a fantastic way to get lots of different dies that can go together in all sorts of ways. As the packaging describes, you can make 72 classic blocks from just one Qube and these cubes come in a variety of sizes, with companion sets that expand your options even more.

Watch my video showcasing the Traveling Puzzle quilt.

Combine blocks with AccuQuilt

As I started planning this quilt, I turned to the Eleanor Burns GO! Qube book that comes along with the Qube. The Qube book is a great resource for describing the different fabric requirements and how to cut your initial fabrics to run them through the AccuQuilt system.  I browsed a bit and found the blocks that I wanted to include. The School Girl’s Puzzle and the Old Maids puzzle appealed to me but I decided to change them up a little.

Classic Puzzle Quilt Blocks


Blocks from Traveling Puzzle quiltThen I grabbed my Arkansas Traveler die. This block on-board system cuts all the fabric pieces that you need to make a complete quilt block. So I just layered my diamond pieces and my two background pieces and cut everything all at once so that I could create the center medallion for my Traveling Puzzle quilt. 

diamond pieces for Arkansas Traveler block


Arkansas Travler BOB from AccuQuiltMore about AccuQuilt (this is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase after clicking)

I call this my “kissing fish” block because the two larger half square triangles meet for a kiss, and the smaller half square triangles make the tail of your fish swimming along.

Kissing Fish block from Traveling Puzzle Quilt


Half square triangles are one of my favorite all time units to use in my quilts. Read more about my cutting and piecing methods in this blog post.

Traveling Puzzle quilt layout

I took this challenge of mixing two different blocks at strictly face value. I had my 12 inch Arkansas traveler block, and I had 8” blocks from the Qube. So I had to figure out a way to combine those different sizes. My solution was to add some spacing between the center medallion and the borders to make the overall quilt layout square.Traveling Puzzle quilt layout

I pieced this quilt with Schmetz needles and Aurifil thread. I used fabrics from the Island Batik collection Mystery – designed by Claudia Pfeil of Claudia Pfeil Designs, with Foundations White as the background.

Free Motion Quilting

Then I had plenty of space to play with some free motion quilting designs. As a long arm quilter, one of my favorite things to do is just fill up the quilt with some fabulous free motion stitching.

quilting the Arkansas Traveler block

Sometimes it can be hard to choose free motion quilting designs. I try to let the quilt speak to me and I like to provide some contrast and make sure that the quilting design draws you in. If there are a lot of sharp angles, I may try to add some curves in the stitching and vice versa. If it’s a very curvy quilt, then I will add some straight line elements. In the Traveling Puzzle quilt.  I did want to keep the X and chain look of this quilt. So that’s why you see some of the details in the quilting with those chains that cross each other. The chain design carries on in the larger border sections as well. 

Looking at the different stitching in this quilt, I used a continuous curve and some flame stitch  designs in the center medallion and in the half square triangle blocks. I filled the background with simple switchbacks that gave a nice fill to those border blocks. For the strands of DNA that I quilted in the border sections, simply stitch an S curve or up-and-down sine wave that makes that a DNA strand effect. Then spread out the peaks and valleys to get the longer ovals in the center, or shorten everything up to make them more condensed pebble circle shapes. 

dna quilting in the Traveling Puzzle quilt

The quilting stands out so beautifully with Hobbs PolyDown. This was the first time I tried polyester batting in my quilt and it has gorgeous texture!

Spread Love and Joy with AccuQuilt

As part of the challenge from Island Batik and AccuQuilt, I was asked to donate the finished project.  I have contacted several care homes in my local area as possible donation sites. I will let you know where this quilt ends up!

Spread Love & Joy with AccuQuilt

If you want to see more Mix-and-Match quilts with AccuQuilt Qubes and BOBs, please visit the other Island Batik Ambassadors. I guarantee that you will be inspired!

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