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Violet Quilt Blocks – FIVE ways!

Are you a gardener? There is a house down the street with a front porch full of blooms that always make me happy, but I don’t do much in my own space. I’m too busy stitching, LOL. Luckly there are plenty of floral fabric designs, plus I found FIVE ways to make violet quilt blocks!

Kendra’s Garden

I first came across a violet quilt block when my daughter was young. I made a quilt from that block, using three different sizes of blocks. My daughter helped pick out all the fabrics from my stash. Such a fun project!

row quilt with variable size blocks

I used the same violet quilt block in a row quilt when I was an Island Batik Ambassador – read the full story here.

Hearts and Flowers row by row quilt

Square Violets

To make the violet quilt blocks, it is a simple process of sewing small corner squares onto a main fabric square. Four quadrants come together to make the final block.

To get four variations of the block, I changed the number of corner squares that I used.

Watch the video now!

Flower quilt block video

I started by sewing a light colored fabric square to my red fabric as the center of the flower. You could stop here with and have a square flower block.

square violet block 1

The second variation is to start adding a background fabric to the next corner. I chose green to keep a realistic color scheme for my growing garden!

square violet block 2

The third variation has two background corners with a third corner for the flower’s center. This is my favorite way to make violet quilt blocks.

square violet block 3

And a fourth variation appears when you add background fabric to the last corner of your square.

square violet block 4

A 5th Violet Quilt Block

If you have been following my Little Bit Different block of the month, you have already seen how I lengthened the violet block for the 6″ x 9″ Tall Flowers block.

tall flowers little bit different block

This is my favorite violet variation, with two background squares and a light fower center. For the rectangular blocks, you make two different quadrants for your flower. One has the background squares on the short side of the rectangle, and the other has the background squares on the long side of the unit.

Download the full instructions for the Tall Flowers block here.

I made a quilt from the Tall Flowers blocks!

Flower market quilt

The pattern is called Flower Market and you still have time to purchase it at 50% off (through the end of May 2023). Get your copy today.

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