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Welcome Friends – My Happy Place RAL/Blog Hop

Hello Friends!  I am so glad you came to visit my stop on the My Happy Place Row-Along and blog hop. It has been a fun tour of fabulous blogs. I love meeting new friends who share my love of quilting.  Marian of Seams to Be Sew did a great job getting everything set up – be sure to visit her blog and register for some amazing prizes!

My Happy Place logoVisit these bloggers for new rows today, Oct 2nd:

Words & Stitches                                    Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse

Meanderings along Lizard Creek                                   Creativeblonde

My Happy Place Row Along

The theme for this year is My Happy Place.  For a quilter, happiness naturally comes from our craft so my first thought was to use my favorite blocks to make a row, but I’ve already done that in my Favorite Stars table runner.  As the designers were sharing ideas, I saw several quilters with the same idea.  I decided to take my row in a different direction, but I will definitely add their quilt-themed rows to my final project.

Quilting friends

I thought more about exactly how quilting brings me happiness. Yes, there is joy in the making of things that are beautiful and useful, but I get the most satisfaction from sharing my work.  The idea of sharing steered me to the recognition of community that we find in our quilting world. Friends definitely bring me happiness, no matter what location we are in.

Friends Are  My Happy Place (Row-along 2018)

Paper-piecing a simple paper-doll style block represents our many quilting friends.

I added an applique title block and surrounded the row with friendship star blocks.

MHPRAL18 units

When I was auditioning layouts, I discovered this row can be assembled either horizontally or vertically.  It is good to have options!

MHPRAL18 horizontal
MHPRAL vertical

You can purchase the pattern here.  It includes templates and instructions for the complete row, featuring paper piecing, applique and the friendship star blocks.

Thanks to Northcott

Northcott was so generous to all of us designers! We got to choose 4 different fabrics.  Please join me in thanking them for their support of the Row Along, and go buy some new fabric – you deserve it!

My selections were sky fabric and yellow dots fro the friendship stars, a floral print for the applique, and a tan that might work for a flesh tone.  (I ended up using stash for the paper pieced girls.)

Northcott fabrics

Did someone say prizes?

Our superb hostess, Marian of Seams to Be Sew, has so many great prizes for those of you that take the time to participate in the blog hop this year.

I am happy to offer TWO copies of the Kimberbell wall hanging, In All Things, Give Thanks.

Enter to win from Oct 2nd – Oct 9th, 2018.

Kimberbell pattern


Congratulations to Cecilia and Thunder.  Please look for the email from Marian/Seams To Be Sew for details on collecting your pattern.

Did you like the Row Along?  I had a blast designing a row and visiting all the blogs during the past six weeks.  Marian says this is an annual event, and I look forward to participating again next year.

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  1. There is definitely joy in friends we make in the quilting world, so this row is a perfect way to depict a happy place…love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been downloading the “My Happy Place” Rowalong patterns as they have been coming out. So far they have been free and downloadable. I saw on your site that there is a $5.00 shipping charge – is that because I can’t download your pattern? At this point, I have not ordered it.

    Thank you,

  3. Such a wonderful pattern and row. Your fabrics are a wonderful choice for your theme, and I can’t imagine anyone who would say their friends don’t make them happy. Thank you for participating this year in the row along and I hope you will consider it again for next year. Hugs Andi

  4. Hi there, I like your row friends are the best. I do have a concern in that I do not want to pay $5 for shipping for the free row. Did i miss something when I read your post and the instructions to order. If I am a winner I am willing to pay for any shipping costs. If I read this wrong I am truely sorry. Your designs are great.
    Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

  5. Thanks so much for being a part of the Row-Along. I thought I’d already posted a comment, but after checking a couple of other sites then coming back, I didn’t see it anywhere. I see to be having problems with YouTube, Facebook and a couple of the blogs not working. With yours I’m unable to download the pattern because it’s showing that I have to pay postage to get it. – $5.00!! I’ll keep checking and trying till it works! 🙂 Thanks again! Love your block!

  6. I am so glad you shared this row design. I also love to quilt with friends and I plan to make the vertical version for a wall hanging for my sewing room. Thank you.

  7. I am so glad you shared this row design. I also love to quilt with friends and I would like to make the vertical version for a wall hanging for my sewing room. However, I followed the link to download it and, while the shop notes it is “free”, the checkout persists in adding $5.00 for shipping. No one else charges for a free download.

  8. What a great row, and I do like that it can go either way – and that I could make more friends, or however I wanted to do it. Thanks for such a versatile row! The download keeps telling me I have to pay $5 shipping?

  9. What a clever idea that you “Happy Place “ row can go either way. This could also be made as a gift for a friend. Thanks for sharing. Happy Quilting 🙂

  10. I like that your row can go either way. Your friendship stars are a perfect choice and your paper dolls are great!

  11. Thank you for the very cute block. Friends ALWAYS make me happy also, especially the ones that quilt with me. Thank you for sharing your row and pattern.

  12. Spændende at deltage i – tak for din gratis række – håber det bliver et dejligt tæppe, når jeg engang er færdig med at sy det.
    Hilsen fra Danmark

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