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Why do I sew?

“You made that? Wow!” The general public reacts with amazement when they encounter a handmade artist. Each individual has a different origin story. Motivations for various projects may wax and wane but the underlying desire to create is my answer to the question – why do I sew?

Why Quilting?

I did not touch a sewing machine as a child. Opening a fabric and yarn store was a retirement dream for my mother so I began my quilting journey as an adult. Other crafty hobbies (namely cross stitch and rubber stamping) came and went before I settled into the quilting world. Working with fabric and thread allows me to express my creativity in a tangible way.

tangible creativity

Original designs are available in my shop, and I am working on several new collections for 2020.

Why do I sew?

Having a creative outlet is a key component in mental health and there are studies to prove quilting is good for you! But another reason to keep making quilts is to leave a legacy. There are paintings in my house from two great-grandmothers. I would be honored to have a grandchild at some point cuddled up in one of my quilts.

violet quilt
My daughter with her quilt

Do what you love

Basically, I quilt because I enjoy it. It’s hard to say which is my favorite part of the process because I love all of it. It is a thrill to choose just the right color combinations to use in a new project. There is the excitement of seeing the pattern emerge in the blocks as you put a new quilt together and the delight of watching the free motion stitching bring the quilt to life. Finally, I get a deep sense of satisfaction when I can complete a project and gift it to someone.

quilted gifts

There are many reasons to make a quilt. On the surface it may be a gift for those big occasions – a birthday, graduation, or wedding. When you dig a little deeper to find the reason why, you may find yourself building a legacy and creating works of art. If you need some help along the way, please visit my YouTube channel where I share weekly videos loaded with quilting tips and tricks.

quilt block tutorial

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