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Write a Quilt Pattern – Fast!

It must have been the summer solstice causing a spike in my creative energy last week, but I was able to write a quilt pattern in just a few hours! If you have ever been curious about how a designer brings an idea to life, I am here to give you some insight.

If you prefer, watch the video here:

Most of the time, my quilt ideas start with a sketch. I have notebooks all over my house, and my desk at work, that are filled with blocks and quilt layouts. When I have a free evening, I open EQ8 and create a digital version of the quilt.

Computerized Quilt Design

There are several online tools to help you design quilts, but I started on EQ8 and it meets most of my needs so I’ve stuck with it. It contains an extensive block library and you can upload photos of fabric to see exactly how your finished project will appear.  Since I have been designing 6″ x 9″ blocks for the Little Bit Different BOM program, I use the EasyDraw feature to create unique blocks.

eq draw

Another terrific benefit of the EQ8 software is the ease of calculating the fabric requirements. Once you have all the pieces colored in the layout, simply click “Print – Yardage” and boom! Instant shopping list!

fabric requirements from EQ

If you are interested in purchasing EQ8 software or books, please consider purchasing with my affiliate link. It doesn’t increase your cost, and it does provide a little bit of monetary support for my business.

Pattern Layout

Once I have a full quilt image, I can export that to another program and start writing the instructions. I have used both Microsoft Word and Google Docs for this stage of the process. Canva is my go-to solution for graphics and diagrams for pattern illustrations.

write a quilt patern

At this point, it does help to have another set of eyes look over everything. Reach out to others in your quilting circle to review the pattern and possibly test it by making a sample. There are also technical editors in the quilt world that you can hire for assistance.

Make the Sale

Once the instructions have been written and the pattern has gone through the editing process, it is time to offer the pattern for sale. Here at True Blue Quilts, I host an online shop, but there are also popular sales platforms like Etsy and Shopify where you can quickly upload and sell digital products.

I recently discovered the live shopping platform, WhatNot. Look for it in the App Store on your phone or tablet, and enjoy the live, auction-style shows. There are categories for clothing and collectibles as well as fabric and craft supplies. I host a live show each Wednesday where I share a quick demo and reveal my latest pattern. Join with my link and receive a $10 credit towards your first purchase!

make the sale on whatnot

I really enjoy the design process and I hope you are inspired to create some of these quilts. Please share photos and tag me on social media!

Curious about growing a side hustle from your quilting hobby? I’m excited to announce that I am partnering with Tori from The Quilt Patch by Tori to bring you a new podcast in August 2023. Learn more about our plans at Quilting on the Side.



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