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Zig Zag Block – August BOM

Hello August! The monsoons have arrived in the desert, but reain or shine we are ready to quilt. The August edition of the Little Bit Different BOM brings us the Zig Zag block. Yes, we are going to play with half-rectangle triangles (HRTs) again. Just as the rain runs down the windows and rivers wind across the land, our fabrics make bright and cheerful streaks across a quilt.

zig zag block

Download the digital pattern here.

Making the Zig Zag Block

Surprise! I chose a gradient of blues to make a block for my Little Bit Different sampler.

blue gradient of fabrics

After cuting rectangles that are about 1″ bigger than my required unit, I cut once on the diagonal to make uphill and downhill triangles. Make sure all fabrics are right-side up when you are cutting for HRTs!

up and down HRT

When you sew the triangles together, put the right sides together and the unit will look like 2 mountain peaks. If the triangles are perfectly lined up, you will not get a sewn rectangle!

sew HRTs with peaks

After sewing, press the seams open to reduce the bulk in the corners.

press seams open

Trimming with the Little Bit Different Ruler

I had a ruler made especially for the Little Bit Different blocks that feature HRTs. There is a 2″ x 3″ unit marked in the corner of the ruler that makes trimming much easier.

Simply place the dotted line on top of your seam line and trim the outer edges.

diagonal marks for HRTs

Then rotate the ruler and place the solid line on the edge of the unit to trim the other two sides. The seam allowance is clearly marked for both the 2″ x 3″ unit and the overall 6 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ block.

seam allowance marks

Order your Little Bit Different Ruler today!

Zig Zag Blocks and Streaks Quilt

zig zag block nine patch

Lay out all the HRTs as a nine patch. The uphill triangles are the top and bottom rows, with the downhill triangles in the middle. Notice from the photo how you match the colors as you create the zig zag.

When you put several of the Zig Zag blocks together, it reminds me of bolts of lightning. So, I put plain columns of sashing in between the blocks and designed the Streaks pattern.

streaks quilt with zig zag blocks

Would you make a monochromatic quilt or choose a multi-colored fabric palette? This could be a fun scrappy quilt!

The Streaks pattern is on sale at 50% off for the month of August, 2023. Purchase here.


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