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Free Motion Monday – Pinwheel fillers

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Rainbows and Quilts just go together!  Many years ago, I was in an online fabric swap and each person was assigned a color.  The swap host collected everything and then sent out this beautiful collection of rainbow shades.  The fabric was cut in charm squares, which made it easy to turn into a Twister quilt.


I laid out the colors from light to dark, and I had enough squares to make two rows of each color, so I alternated the gradient with each row.  Once I had the squares sewn together, I grabbed my Lil’ Twister ruler  and cut it apart again.  It was so fun watching the pinwheels appear!


The reward for chopping up a quilt top with the Twister ruler is the bonus squares.  I put some of the leftover scraps to use in the corners, keeping everything in proper ROYGBIV order.

Then it was time to choose quilting designs.  I spent alot of time on Leah Day’s website for inspiration!

image image image image

Then I made little rainbows in the background by echoing small curves:


Here are my names for the quilting designs.  Each column of color had its own unique free motion design:


It’s been quite a while since I quilted this wallhanging.  I remember tying off and burying hundreds of thread tails, so I think I was insane and started each pinwheel from the center.  I will have to revisit these designs and see if they can be modified for a continuous line design.

Please share some of your favorite quilting projects.  Do you keep the quilts you make or give them away?

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